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Home and Property Inspectors in Riverside, California

Asbestos Removal


Allow our team to inspect your home or office for asbestos. Our qualified experts will take samples from your property and send the swabs to the state of California for testing; results must come back less than 1% asbestos for you to me cleared. If you find that your property has more than 1%, our team also offers incredible asbestos removal, in compliance to state required procedures.

Home Inspections Services

Home Inspections

Our home inspection services are critical for home buyers and sellers. Each of our experts will oversee your home’s HVAC, electrical system, structure, foundation, and more. These are critical home inspections can prevent fires, structural damage, and the overall condition of the home. Rest assured our thorough team will equip you with the best results.

Mold Removal


While mold is a natural occurring substance, it is not something any of us want to grow in our homes. This undesirable growth can easily be formed in an environment that is damp or moist, commonly in dimly lit areas where it can not be seen developing. Mold can grow in places such as basements, cupboards, drywall, and many other areas of your home. Our professionals will inspect and treat your home for mold with ease and efficiency.

About Ecosafe Home Inspections

We would like to invite residents of Riverside to take advantage of our incredible services at Ecosafe Home Inspections. When you find yourself in search of a dependable company to inspect your home or office for asbestos, mold, foundational obstructions or radon gas, we are the team for you. With over 35 years of experience in our industry, we are guaranteed to equip you with the most incredible solutions to your problems. Our certified home inspections will search thoroughly for any signs of mold, and can also swap your property for asbestos.

Each of our incredible associates is licensed by the state of California and is assured to provide you with honest and dependable solutions. With our team of experts, we can prevent you from an illness that can result from exposure to these cancer-causing asbestos and radon. Our home inspections are also critical in preventing injury or extensive damage occurring, this can be due to a weak foundation, electrical wiring or other similar attributes of your home.

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Radon Gas and Air Quality Testing

Our incredible inspection company works tirelessly to provide each of our clients with the most honest and reliable services. If you are in need of a company to provide your property with radon gas testing, we are the team for the job. Radon is a noble gas that forms by natural radioactive decay in soil, rock, and water. This gas is found in all 50 states and is colorless, odorless, tasteless, and can not be detected unless inspected. 

Rest assured that with Ecosafe Home Inspections, We will provide you with an air quality test to ensure that radon is nonexistent in your home. Our indoor air quality testing is important in identifying carbon monoxide, mold, radon, asbestos or unvented furnaces. With our top quality equipment when can ensure the quality of your home’s air with ease. If you would like to make your home safer and more secure, speak with us immediately at (951) 335-0298 to learn more about our radon gas and air quality testing.

Radon Gas

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